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Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the accomplished psychologist and author, Kirsten Hunter, enhancing her online presence and creating a multifaceted website.

Client Overview

With a successful career and multiple psychology books to her credit, Kirsten approached me to develop an all-encompassing website that would serve as a centralised platform for her diverse works. She envisioned a website that highlighted her literary releases while seamlessly integrating engaging blog content. Beyond her books, the website would feature her podcast episodes, social media connections, and links to her YouTube channel.

Vision Integration

Collaborating closely with Kirsten, I integrated her vision into life by incorporating her design concepts and branding seamlessly. The result? A personalised and captivating website that reflects Kirsten’s expertise, showcases her incredible psychology books and resonates with her audience.

Ongoing Support and Digital Ecosystem

My engagement extended beyond the initial design. With ongoing support through website hosting, content creation, development of templates for social media, and email marketing plus set up and content creation for her Facebook Group. Kirsten has not only gained a visually appealing platform but also a comprehensive digital ecosystem to engage with her audience effectively.

Empowering Professionals

One of my favorite things is to empower professionals like Kirsten by providing visual expertise and support that allows them to shine online. My commitment goes beyond responsive websites, incorporating creative design experiences that truly reflect the business desires and expertise of my clients.

Psychology Author website design

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