NDIS Recovery Coach

Branding, Logo and landing page website

Recovery Coach Tree is a NDIS Recovery Coach business owned and run by Petria (Tree)

Petria really wanted the concept of having a tree as part of the logo as Petria is called “Tree” for short. We came up with the concept of two sides of the tree coming together to represent providing support and guidance which is the role of a NDIS Recovery Coach. The role of Recovery coach is to support those with mental health through NDIS so the tree that I designed represents the brain in its design.

It was such a pleasure to work alongside Petria in coming up with her brand and also a simple landing page for her website that she can build on later.

You will find the Logo design below with brand mockups showcasing how the brand can look across different mediums.

Fairymount Fine Foods
NDIS Logo Design
NDIS Recovery Coach Logo design
NDIS branding car wrap mock up
NDIS coach book cover mockup
NDIS office logo design mockup
NDIS signage mock up
NDIS business card design
NDIS logo mock up on mug

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