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Branding & Web Design for Student Guild

The opportunity to reshape the UniSQ Student Guild’s digital presence was a project I approached with genuine excitement. Their integral role in nurturing student life through advocacy and vibrant social engagements is something I deeply admire. It was both a privilege and a delightful challenge to re-envision their brand and online home. Check out more below about my process.

Client Overview

UniSQ’s Student Guild is the heartbeat of campus life, a hub for events that enrich the student experience. When they sought to renew their visual identity, it felt like a perfect alignment of values and visions, and I was honoured to step into that journey with them.

Visual Brand Creation

The creative process was ignited by a brainstorming session with Jess Ritchie, who helped distil the essence of the Guild’s mission. This collaborative effort led to a brand narrative that perfectly articulated their dedication to the community—a narrative that I was tasked to translate into design.

The reimagined logo encapsulates the symbiotic relationship between the students (‘S’) and the Guild (‘G’), with individual figures integrated into each letter, creating a personal touch to the iconography. This concept was not only symbolic but also a strategic choice to enhance the brand’s adaptability across various mediums.

A selected colour scheme—teal blue, vibrant pink, and optimistic yellow—sought to reflect the Guild’s core principles. It’s a palette designed to foster trust, compassion, and community, resonating with the Guild’s ethos of support and independence.

Website Design

The Student Guild also required website design and build. Beyond the visual redesign, the Guild’s website now boasts new functionalities, including forms for seamless student interaction and an integrated events portal. This upgrade has simplified administrative tasks and enriched student engagement.

Ongoing Support and Digital Ecosystem

Our engagement continues beyond website design with ongoing website hosting and content support, ensuring the Student Guild continues to grow their online visibility.

Empowering Professionals

The feedback from UniSQ’s Student Guild has been overwhelmingly positive as they have seen a great increase in engagement from the student body.  This project reaffirms our belief that a well-crafted digital identity is crucial for all businesses and organisations.

Student Guild Website Design Toowoomba

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