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We had the pleasure of working with Steve Metzroth from Red Bird Accountants. Red Bird Accountants are a forward-thinking accounting firm that stands out in their field for their commitment to forward-thinking and integrating technology into Accounting for Business.

Client Overview

Steve is a Toowoomba Based Accountant who offers his clients not just tax compliance but empowers his clients through education on new technology and making sure his clients are set up for success.

Visual Brand Creation

Steve’s branding proposition was delightful. It is believed that sighting a Cardinal bird is good luck and we all need a bit of good luck with accounting. Steve previously had a cardinal bird in his logo since his business name is Red Bird, so wanted to keep this symbol of good luck, however, the visual brand was looking tired and needed a refresh.

With this direction, we were able to create a modern and sophisticated visual brand incorporating the red Cardinal Bird into the logo.

Website Design

Steve required a new website to reflect his newly crafted visual brand. We created a user-friendly website that showcases the accounting services Steve provides. We also added elements throughout the site that help website visitors build trust with Steve’s brand through use of Professional brand images, an about page and client testimonials.

Ongoing Support and Digital Ecosystem

Our engagement continues beyond website design with ongoing website hosting and content support, ensuring Red Bird Accountants continues to grow their online visibilty.

Empowering Professionals

One of our favorite things is to empower professionals like Steve by providing visual expertise and support that allows him and his team to shine online. Our commitment goes beyond responsive websites, incorporating creative design experiences that truly reflect the business desires and expertise of our clients.

Toowoomba Website for Accountants

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